Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sea of Cortez and season recap

Joined up with our good friends Mark and Isabel on SV Jollydogs
Best street game in Bucerias
Hanging in Mexico City
Jack loves his ball
Sea of Cortez, what an amazing place.

Sierra de la Gigantes, one of our favorite places
more photos of our 2016 season

We sooooo love this boat!
and this silly dog of ours!

and all our awesome friends!
oh and that guy!

Friday, March 25, 2016

3/25/2016 Crossing to Baja

Our internet capabilities have been very limited, so, I've mainly been posting photo's of our adventures from my phone onto Facebook. Anyway, the last month or so has seen alot of travel for both of us. We stayed in Marina La Cruz for almost two months, and during that time; we flew to Tapachula to bring the car up to La Cruz,, then we drove back to Az. to check on the house, then I flew to Ixtapa for the annual surf trip, Karin stayed at home, got the house rented!, and then drove down to La Cruz with our good friend Gen. Since then, we've  mostly sailed north to Mazatlan, with two stops on the way, at Chacala, and Mantachen (terrible no-seeums!), On the way into Marina Mazatlan, we encountered a dredging barge mid channel!, he navigated far enough away for us to clear the narrow entrance. Now the weather window looks good, so tomorrow morning we depart for Baja. I finally downloaded some photo's....

After returning the car from Tapachula,  Mike and Doreen from St. Leger and Ted and Honey from Patron  ( both circumnavigators!) along with Isabel,we all piled in for a roadtrip to Sayulita for lunch at Sayulita fish tacos.

Paul and Judy from S/V Grace led us on a beautiful hike along the south side of Banderas Bay.

Feb. 14th... the sailboat Rage broke free from it's anchorage and the La Cruz sailing community  arrived quickly to recover everything possible. 

At anchor in Chacala, a couple of ocean swimmers came by our boat, after being adopted by a curious seagull. We invited them on board, and enjoyed some good conversation and cerveza!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2/10/2016; Photo's along the way

I'm trying to download as many photos as I can before the internet drops out again... here goes!

                                                           Jack misses the beach!

Hotel on fire in Zihuatenejo, New Years Eve; fortunately nobody was hurt!

Cargo traffic was heavy! We love our AIS receiver!

This grain carrier got caught in the Cat 5 hurricane last year... the Captain put her on the rocks, and again, nobody got hurt!

Good size Jack Cravalle swimming under the boat.

Starting to see whales again!

Well, this took an hour; so that's it for now......

Friday, February 5, 2016

La Cruz Marina- 2/5/2016

As we continue moving north, internet has been difficult, as a result, it has been a long time since we updated the blog. We are here in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, at the marina. We flew to Tapachula and retrieved the car; now, we are finishing up boat projects, and spending time with our good friends Mark and Isabel from Jolly Dogs. We may leave by the 18th, but the weather to the north is still pretty rough, so....we'll see! No pictures for now, the upload takes forever, and then the internet drops out. I'll do a photo post eventually.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Zihuatenejo- 12/22/2015

Against all superstition, we decided to leave Chiapas to cross the Tehauntec on a Friday. Our first day out was wind off the bow, so we motored all day and through the night. We did get a chance to use "Dave" our newly purchased used autopilot. It took some getting used to.... nobody at the wheel! We did adjust, overall it worked great, but also, left us nothing to do.

The crew at Marina Chiapas.

Jack and Dave got along great!

Arturo at the helm.

Arturo is enjoying the cruise, so far. As the sun rose Saturday morning, the wind increased to about 10 kts, and allowed us to sail for nearly 10 hours. It was the perfect day; we saw dolphins, turtles, and a pod of whales!

Eventually the wind died, so we cranked up the iron sail and headed into the night.
A few hours later and the wind was back, it was close to dark, so I decided on just a headsail, for ease of recovery in the dark, and we were sailing again. Now the wind was getting stronger, and the seas were increasing. Shortly before we furled the headsail, I believe that we planed out! Our speed went from 5 to 8 kts in about 2 minutes, and we were Flyin Sideways! O.k., too much fun... it's dark, the wind is still increasing.. time to bring  in the jib and start the motor again.

During the night  the conditions deteriorated, with 4 foot confused seas and 20 - 25 kt. winds.We got a call on the VHF from Velvet Sky ; they said that they may have  hit something, and it had broken their bob-stay. I was glad they weren't taking on water or anything, and they made it into the marina in the morning.

We anchored in Santa Cruz, at our old spot, and recovered from the crossing.

 The next day was spent with Atruro, having a few tequilas while he waited for the bus to Tapachula. On Tueday we got fuel and provisions to depart for Puerto Angel the next day.

Once again we were greeted with fair winds, and sailed 24 miles to Puerto Angel. It is a small bay with only enough room for a few boats. We chose not to go ashore (much to Jacks dismay), and left the next day for Acapulco...48 hours away. Unbelievable! We got to sail again, and use the windvane! There were lots of dolphins and turtles along the way, then we arrived in one our favorite and most spectacular anchorages in Acapulco.

It's still hot. So, our mission is to get north for cooler temperatures as soon as we can. That being said, we left Acapulco the next day for Zihuatenejo. 24 hours, with very little sailing, but here we are! We'll stay here through Christmas and then on to Puerto Vallarta with some stops in anchorages we missed along the way down in 2014.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gulf of Tehuantepec weather window

 Boat projects, maintenance, and provisioning are nearly done. Our best opportunity to make the crossing will probably be Friday...but we have to wait until 48 hours prior to safely make the decision to go. In the meantime....we did pick up an Autohelm 3000, belt driven autopilot.

The aft lazzarette....

control unit

the drive unit was installed this morning!

While slithering my way through the aft lazzarette, I checked out our steering assembly, and found a broken cable hanging from the bulkhead! Closer inspection revealed that one of the limiting cables (kind of a preventer) had snapped. I don't have any stainless cable that size, so, I may have to make due with some braided line. Normal use shouldn't put any excessive force on the rudder limits.

On Sunday, we took her out for a shakedown sail, and  within about 15 minutes of leaving Puerto Madero, we were greeted with 10 to 15 kts out of the southeast, and a 4 or 5 foot swell at about 12 seconds. We quickly raised the sails, and set close hauled at 7 knots! What fun! Sailing the wind with no destination....

We  invited our friend Arturo to come along and he was excited to join us. Earlier in the week he had asked if he could crew across the Tehuantepec with us?  Of course! This will be great; his first cruising trip! Once we got back to the marina,  we met up with some of the cruisers we just met and headed for lunch.

 Overall, things have been going smooth, just slow. That's okay...we've got time!

Just a few more things to take care of..........